Fungi Festival

Moorabool Mushroom Festival

Moorabool Mushroom Festival

Ballan, Victoria, April 15-16, 2023

Join us for a celebration of all things fungi in Ballan in April 2023, for what we hope will be our first annual Moorabool Mushroom Festival!

The event will be held at the Ballan Mechanics Institute, which is 5 minutes walk from the Ballan train station. Further details about ticketing and local accomodation to come.

This 2 day festival will be looking at all aspects of fungi including:

  • ecology
  • citizen-science
  • cultivation
  • foraging
  • food
  • medicine
  • mycoremediation
  • mycomaterials

As part of this we will have talks, workshops, nature walks, art, a social event and a market.


The festival is being organised by MYCOmmunity Applied Mycology with the support of the Moorabool Shire Council and many local and national organisations including Fungimap, Moorabool Environment Group, Geelong Field Naturalist Club, Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group, Moorabool Landcare Network, Wombat Forestcare, Wombat Regional Arts Network, Fungi for Land, Fungi Solutions, Fun Fungi Ecology and Mycelium Laboratories. If your organisation would like to be part of the event please get in touch!

Expressions of interest/email list:

If you are interested in:

  • Receiving general event updates including ticket release
  • Holding a market stall
  • Being involved in the arts program
  • Speaking or hosting a workshop
  • Your organisation being part of the event

Please sign up here


Ashleigh Skinner
Ash is a Wadawurrung man raised with the knowledge of Wadawurrung land and stories passed on by his uncle and holds with passion for his community and younger generations celebrating the tradition and Lores passed on through the generations


ALISON POULIOT is an ecologist with a passion for fungi. Her journeys in search of fungi span northern and southern hemispheres, ensuring two autumns and a double dose of fungi each year. As scientist and photographer, author and someone who roams the forest daily, Alison delves deep into the realm of fungi through multiple lenses. She has presented over 700 seminars, workshops and forays across a dozen countries. Alison is actively involved in fungal conservation, research and teaching, and is author of The Allure of Fungi, Underground Lovers (due March 2023) and co-author of Wild Mushrooming. For more information


Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher is an ecologist who has special interest in the conservation of biodiversity, particularly the macrofungi and mosses. She did her doctorate at the University of Tasmania on ‘Surrogates for cryptogam conservation – associations between mosses, macrofungi, vascular plants and environmental variables.’ In 2018 with Roz Hard and many Australasian Mycologists and amateurs in ‘love’ with fungi, started the project to develop a land management book for Australian Fungi with the working title Fungi4Land. Sapphire has been involved with many Australian fungi groups including MYCOmmunity, QMS and Fungimap. She is a representative on International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC) Specialist Groups: Species Monitoring and Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball. She is also active with Australian scientific groups like the Education Subcommittee of the Australasian Mycological Society, Australian Bryophyte Workshops and community groups including many Field Naturalist Clubs and Landcare groups and Australian Plants Societies. To read more about her research profile in Research Gate and LinkedIn.


Dr Margaret Ross is a consultant clinical psychologist and the clinical lead in Australia’s first ever psychedelic clinical trial. The trial will be based at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne and will investigate the ability of psilocybin-assisted therapy to alleviate anxiety and depression in terminally ill patients.

The St Vincent’s clinical trial will see palliative care patients given one to two doses of psilocybin and psychotherapy in a treatment protocol shown in overseas trials to produce rapid and dramatic improvements in depression and anxiety, and provide an altered outlook on their situation approaching death. Alongside psychotherapy and guidance, the psychedelic medicines are hoped to give terminally ill patients a new perspective on their lives, and to reduce the fear and depression which can often take over their final months.



Sophie Green is the current Coordinator of Fungimap, a national non-profit citizen science fungi organisation dedicated to the mapping and conservation of Australia's macro-fungi. Based on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, Sophie developed an interest in fungi through regenerating a heavily degraded 50 acre property together with her young family, and seeing the magical re-emergence of many different mycorrhizal fungi species helping restore the landscape. This was just the start of realising how mind-blowingly amazing fungi are! Sophie is an active member of the Adelaide Fungal Studies Group and a keen citizen scientist who loves recording the diverse and beautiful fungi found in local national parks. With a background in community development and environmental activism, Sophie's work with Fungimap involves encouraging citizen scientists to record their fungi sightings on iNaturalist, and working on other projects in the areas of fungal education, research, and conservation.


Amanda Morgan leads the Research and Development of Fungi Cultures to tackle challenges of waste management and ecosystem rehabilitation through circular design practices. Amanda is passionate about fostering collaborative partnerships that create health and abundance, bringing natural and social systems into balance through regenerative natural materials.