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Fungi may have been the first life to colonise land and their partnership with plants was vital to the evolution of all other land life.


Our Approach

We are a not-for-profit community organisation that aims to increase public awareness about fungi and the vital role they play in the ecosystem, for health and environmental sustainability.

Mycology is one of the fields that is most driven by citizen scientists. Not only do they contribute to taxonomic and ecological research, but they play a vital role in collecting data for conservation of threatened fungi. They also drive many innovations in applied mycology. We want to make scientific skills, training and equipment accessible to citizen mycologists.

Our Approach


Did you know?

Fungi are an important food source for native animals. For example, the critically endangered Gilbert's Potoroo has a diet made up of 90% fungi.

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We always welcome involvement from individuals or community organisations. To find out more about how to volunteer please contact us. We are also available to do educational events for schools and community groups.