Alison Pouliot

Alison Pouliot

10/02/2023 Off By Peter Robertson

Speaker at the Moorabool Mushroom Festival, April 15-16, 2023. Book Now!

ALISON POULIOT is an ecologist with a passion for fungi. Her journeys in search of fungi span northern and southern hemispheres, ensuring two autumns and a double dose of fungi each year. As scientist and photographer, author and someone who roams the forest daily, Alison delves deep into the realm of fungi through multiple lenses. She has presented over 700 seminars, workshops and forays across a dozen countries. Alison is actively involved in fungal conservation, research and teaching, and is author of The Allure of FungiUnderground Lovers (due March 2023) and co-author of Wild Mushrooming. For more information

Talk: A Kingdom of Conundrums

The Kingdom Fungi is a kingdom of conundrums. For some people, fungi are unnerving. Perplexing. Enigmatic. Being ephemeral, they rouse suspicions and associations with the supernatural. But mostly, fungi are overlooked. Forgotten. However, a growing public penchant for fungi suggests we are in something of a ‘fungal turn’. An emerging league of mycophiles is exploring into the many dimensions of the Kingdom Fungi, and unearthing not only their myriad benefits to humans, but how they hang the planet together.

In this talk Alison will delve into some of the curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi and share some of her experiences during the writing of her recent book, Underground Lovers: Encounters with Fungi.

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